Streamlined Medical Billing and Coding Solutions

Simplify Your Practice’s Financial Management

Who we are

Based in Richardson, Texas, QMACS has been a privately held Coding and Medical Billing Corporation since 1993. Specializing in Emergency Medicine and Physician Coding & Education, Consulting, and Revenue Cycle Management, we serve all specialties and practice sizes with satellite offices throughout Texas. As a multi-billing software company, we seamlessly integrate with various EHR platforms and partner with all clearinghouses, ensuring a smooth transition for our clients. 

What to expect

With over 30 years of industry experience, we’re a seasoned and established company dedicated to mastering the intricate processes essential for efficient revenue collection. Equipped with advanced technological and financial resources, we not only stay abreast of the latest trends and governmental mandates but also proactively anticipate and adapt to changes. Our commitment is to alleviate the cost burden from your shoulders while ensuring excellence in service delivery.

Understanding Your Challenges

In today’s healthcare environment, practitioners grapple with the time-consuming complexities of medical billing and practice management, detracting from their core focus of patient care. The administrative burden of navigating regulations, coding requirements, and insurance protocols, coupled with the risk of errors and delayed reimbursements, presents significant challenges. At QMACS, we understand these pain points and offer tailored solutions to streamline medical billing processes, allowing practitioners to prioritize patient care with confidence and efficiency.

Our Services

Discover comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of your healthcare organization with our integrated suite of services, spanning medical billing, coding, consulting, physician training, reporting and analytics, and patient call center support, all aimed at optimizing efficiency, compliance, and patient care.


Medical Billing

Streamline your revenue cycle management with our expert medical billing services, ensuring accurate and timely processing of claims for maximum reimbursement.


Physician Training and Education

Empower your medical staff with specialized training programs curated to enhance clinical proficiency, coding accuracy, and compliance adherence, ultimately improving patient care and revenue outcomes.


Patient Call Center

Enhance patient satisfaction and operational efficiency with our patient-centric call center services, offering seamless communication, appointment scheduling, and support tailored to your healthcare practice’s needs.



Ensure compliance and accuracy in coding with our comprehensive medical coding services, optimizing reimbursement and minimizing risk.



Gain strategic insights and tailored solutions through our consulting services, designed to enhance operational efficiency, compliance, and profitability in the healthcare industry.


Reporting and Analytics

Leverage actionable insights and data-driven decisions with our advanced reporting and analytics services, providing comprehensive visibility into your healthcare organization’s performance and opportunities for optimization.

We Practice Business so the Provider can practice medicine.

At QMACS, we understand the complex landscape of healthcare business management. Our mission is to handle the intricacies of medical billing and coding, allowing healthcare providers to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional patient care. With our dedicated team managing the business side of your practice, you can confidently dedicate your time and expertise to practicing medicine without the burden of administrative challenges. Partner with us for streamlined operations, financial efficiency, and the freedom to prioritize your patients’ well-being.

Tailored Approach

We take pride in offering a personalized and tailored approach to every client we serve. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to understand the specific requirements of your practice, whether it’s medical billing, coding, physician training, patient support, or analytics. By customizing our services to align with your individual objectives, we ensure that you receive a solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. From the initial consultation to ongoing support, we are committed to delivering a tailored strategy that maximizes efficiency, minimizes challenges, and ultimately contributes to the success of your healthcare practice.

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