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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your business hours?

We are open from 8:00am – 5:00pm CST.  You are assigned an account manager that is available to you via email and cell phone at any hour.

Why outsource to QMACS?

You have choices! We are here to make it easier for you and your practice. We can work in your EHR, or you can utilize our ALLscripts billing software. We adapt to your needs. We are skilled in all the top EHR’s and all clearinghouses so there is always a smooth transition. We can save you time and money and give you the relief to run your practice. We are in it to collect it. We only get paid if you get paid.  Your employees get paid no matter what!

What are your rates?


CODING ONLY: Per chart basis. Contact us for details!

CODING/BILLING (FULL RCM):  Our fees are based on a percentage of collections. We only get paid if you get paid! We have an incentive to collect your money.  

CODING AND BILLING AUDITS:  These are based on the size of your practice. Call us today for the Audit fee. We will waive the audit if you transition to us for Coding and/or billing to QMACS.


Can I stay in my EHR?

Absolutely! We are flexible. We can code/scrub and or bill out of any of the top EHR softwares.

What if I have old accounts receivable that needs to be collected on during this transition?

If you have old accounts receivable that need to be collected during this transition, rest assured that our team is equipped to handle them efficiently. We prioritize resolving outstanding AR, ensuring a smooth transition without any financial burdens lingering unresolved.

If my EHR codes for our practice, why do we need a coder?

If we do your coding, we want to make sure that you never over-code or under-code.  We specialize in “right” coding. We will read your note and make sure that you are utilzing the correct E/M/ ICD 10 codes,  the correct order of your ICD 10 codes, applying the correct modifiers, not missing any procedures and utilziing medical necessity ICD 10 codes when applicable.  It is all in the detials.

What if I still have lots of paper in my office?

Do not think you are alone!  We work with groups/offices all the time that still have paper checks, patient encounters, etc.  We have strict compliance to medical records, encounter forms,  and patient docuements.  Our IT diligently works with your office on secure FTP sites for exchange of any patient related documents.

What if I like my billing team but need coders?

We are here for you!  We can code in your EHR and have them ready for your billers to send out to the insurance companies.

How do you get my charts if I am work in the hospitals and or nursing homes?

Once we have a login to the hospital system, we are ready to go.  We can grab your chart and code it.  In addition, for our larger groups, our IT works with many of the top hospitals in the US and is capable of getting HL7 interfaces set up to get us the data that we need to code.  For any nursing home visits, we work with your office to scan in your visit in your EHR or directly to us on a secrue FTP site.  We can adapt to every need!

How do you handle technology and security?

Technology in recent years has become a common denominator in all of QMACS’ business lines.  With over 25 years of combined technology experience, uur information technology (IT) department features an extensive list of specialized skill sets including networking, server administration, desktop administration, software development, reporting and analytics and a 24 hour a day help desk that supports our operations and the operations of our clients across multiple software platforms.

QMACS’ IT division aligns technology with the company’s business and corporate goals to realize success for our company and our clients. We endeavor to create a platform-agnostic environment that allows QMACS’s teams to work in multiple systems with ease while maintaining high levels of accuracy and security. By leveraging the latest from Allscripts’ globally recognized billing platform, QMACS continues to pursue the latest advances in technology to bring our customers new and exciting options. Whether you wish to continue using your existing software or utilize our Allscripts billing platform, QMACS is ready to meet your requirements. It is your choice. 

Our Mission

At QMACS, we believe merging technology with proven practice management processes generates a proactive decision-making environment that leads to increased efficiencies and higher revenue return for our clients.  We are committed to partnering with our clients to achieve maximum clinical, financial, and operational management goals in an effort to allow physicians to provide a higher level of care to their patients.


Customized Approach

We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled expertise, consistency, and quality in every aspect of our service

When you choose QMACS, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to knowledge, consistency, and quality – the pillars of our commitment to your success.

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With a team of seasoned professionals boasting extensive experience in the medical billing and coding field, we bring unparalleled knowledge to the table. Our dedicated experts stay abreast of the latest industry updates, ensuring that our clients benefit from accurate, up-to-date solutions tailored to their unique needs.



We understand the importance of reliability and consistency in healthcare management. That’s why we adhere to rigorous standards and processes, maintaining consistency in our services to deliver optimal results for our clients. From day-to-day operations to long-term strategy, you can trust us to provide consistent, dependable support.



Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in our work, from meticulous coding accuracy to prompt and efficient billing services. Our focus on quality ensures that our clients receive nothing less than the best, driving success and satisfaction in their healthcare practices.

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